Trail #
Malhuer National Forest
Length: 0.6 MILES
Difficulty: Easiest
Elevation: 7000 FEET to 7200 FEET
Usage: HEAVY
Hiking: Allowed
Horses: Allowed
Mt Biking: Prohibited
ATVs: Prohibited


Access this trail via Strawberry Basin Trail #375 which starts at Strawberry Campground. This trail follows along beautiful Strawberry Lake, which is fed by winter snow. Set amongst pine trees the trail is dirt and rock surfaced, and affords visitors the opportunity to bird watch, enjoy fresh air in a designated wilderness. Visitors to the area can see deer, elk and mountain goats traversing the rock ledges near the lake. This trail circles Strawberry Lake within Strawberry Mountain Wilderness.

This trail is heavily traveled and not recommended for holiday or weekend use.
The trail allows visitors to hike the perimeter of the lake. Beautiful views can be seen from all parts of this trail of various rock formations, stands of timber, as well as the beautiful lake.


From the town of Prairie City, OR., turn onto South Main Street. Follow South Main Street to the junction with Bridge Street. Turn left onto Bridge Street, at approximately 0.2 miles (the second right turn) turn onto Bridge Street again. Follow Bridge Street to city limits, the road then becomes County Road 60. Continue on County Road 60 for approximately 7 miles, the road then becomes Forest Road #6001. Follow Forest Road #6001 for approximately 2 miles to Strawberry Campground and Strawberry Basin Trailhead. Take Strawberry Basin Trail #375.
This is an OPEN County road to the Forest boundary, then an open Forest Service Road to the campground. Please respect private property to the Forest boundary.

The road leading to the Strawberry Basin Trailhead is very narrow. The last mile of road becomes steap and during spring rains becomes very rutted.