About Grant County

The Dream

Grant County Oregon has been treasured in the heart of pioneers for over 150 years and it continues to be for those who still dare to dream. It defines adventure.

That’s why we designed GCOregonLive to be the most complete, comprehensive online resource ever published for Grant County: To meet the needs of modern adventurers.

Today, with features like updated local weather, interactive mapping, driving directions, GPS coordinates, photo galleries and more, we can give both visitors and residents the very best, most current information available.

The Scope

The State of Oregon is nearly as large as the entire country of France and embraces more land than England, Ireland and Scotland combined. Grant County itself is nearly the size of Connecticut. It’s boundaries contain all the headwaters for the four forks of the John Day River.

With such a vast abundance and diversity of natural resources — from the green rolling hills of the John Day River valleys to the timbered slopes of high alpine lakes and mountains — Grant County is a challenge to portray fairly and accurately in any single publication. That is why we have chosen to publish a series of maps and photo galleries for you to browse and enjoy.

We’ve also made Grant County businesses and services easy to find with our Business Guide, and the restaurant or lodging locators. We’ll be adding other special-interest locators designed for sportsmen, cyclists, hikers, and recreationalists of all types in the future.

Planning a trip or looking for a better lifestyle? Include Grant County in your itinerary. You’ll be glad you did. We invite you to contact us, or call us at 800-769-5664. We’ll help you get started.

Want to move your business away from the stifling metropolitan grind? Ask the Economic Development Department about all the advantages and options we can make available to you in Grant County.

GCOregonLive is a co-operative publication produced by the Grant County Chamber of Commerce, the Grant County Economic Development Department and the citizens and businesses of Grant County. We always welcome your comments, questions or suggestions. Email us or call the Chamber office with your inquiries at: 541-575-0547 or 800-769-5664.

Discover A Journey Through Time

The Journey Through Time stretches 286 miles through north central to eastern Oregon. It winds through five Oregon counties, beginning in the community of Biggs and ending in Baker City.

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