Trial: #371


Length: 5.4 MILES

Elevation: 5000 FEET to 8000 FEET

Usage: LIGHT

Trail Feature:

This trail follows along Sheep Creek, through timber. Towards the end of the trail hikers will be up towards the top of lookout mountain allowing scenic views of the surrounding forest including Glacier Mountain to the north east. This trail connects to other trails such as Sunshine Flat Trail #369 and Horseshoe Trail #363 allowing visitors options for longer hikes.
The trail is lightly used and becomes busier during big game hunting seasons in late fall and into winter.
Motor bike riders and horse back riders use this trail please be prepared to share the trail.
If you pack it in remember to pack it out.

Hiking: Allowed

Mt Biking: Allowed

Horses: Allowed

ATV: Allowed

From Prairie City, OR., turn onto South Main Street, follow South Main Street to the junction with Bridge Street. Turn left onto Bridge Street. Follow Bridge Street past the local cemetary, the road them becomes County Road 62. Follow County Road 62 approximately 8 miles to the junction with Forest Road 13 also known as Deardorff Road. Turn onto Forest Road 13 and follow for approximately 12 miles to the trailhead.