Trial: #5008


Length: 0.2 MILES

Elevation: 7200 FEET to 7280 FEET

Usage: LIGHT

Trail Feature:

This trail is within Strawberry Mountain Wilderness and is a spur that leads to Mud Lake from Mud Lake Trail #379. Mud Lake Trail #379 runs east and west linking Skyline Trail #385 and Meadow Fork Trail #376.
There is very little use of this lake in comparison with the other lakes in the basin. It has a nice setting with good access to east end trails. There are few to no fish at Mud Lake making fishing poor. There is a very damp perimeter around the lake making it difficult to access. It is 1 1/2 miles to the lake from the start of Mud Lake Trail #379.

Hiking: Allowed

Mt Biking: Allowed

Horses: Allowed

ATV: Allowed

From Prairie City, OR., turn onto South Main Street. Follow South Main Street to the junction with Bridge Street. Turn left onto Bridge Street continue past the cemetary, the road then becomes County Road 62. Follow County Road 62 approximately 20 miles to the junction with Forest Road 16. Go west on Forest Road 16 approximately 7 miles to the junction with Forest Road 924. Follow Forest Road 924 approximately 2 miles to the junction with Forest Road 1648. Turn right on Forest Road 1648, follow Forest Road 1648 approximately 0.5 miles to the junction of Forest Road 021. Follow Forest Road 021 approximately 1.5 miles to the junction with Forest Road 039. Follow Forest Road 039 to the Meadow Fork Trailhead.