Trial: #203A

Open: June to November

Length: 1.0 Mile

Elevation: 5200 feet to 5600 Feet

Usage: Light

Trail Feature:

The Cedar Grove Trail enables the public to visit a natural Cedar botanical Area located on the Forest.  This area is unique since it has the only Alaskan yellow cedar trees within several hundred miles.  There are several areas available to camp around the trailhead and vicinity.

Hiking: Allowed

Mt Biking: Allowed

Horses: Allowed

ATV: Allowed

From John Day, travel west on US highway 26 approximately 18 miles to Forest Service road 21 (Fields Creek). Proceed south on Forest Service road 21 for approximately 9 miles to Forest Service road 2150.  Travel west on Forest Service road 2150 another 5 miles to the trailhead rea.

Parking is very limited at the trailhead area.