Oregon Telephone Company


1 Telephone Drive, Mt Vernon, OR 97865

Leader in local telecommunications since 1914!
Business office in Mount Vernon & John Day!

No matter where you live in Grant County!!
Call today where a local, friendly voice will discuss which service is best suited for you and your family!

Oregon Telephone is the telephone company for the following areas:
Mount Vernon, Dayville, Prairie City, Bates, Hereford, Unity, Ironside and Cow Valley.
Offering a wide variety of Custom calling features
such as:
Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Fowarding, Speed Dialing, Voicemail and more!

High Speed Internet!
Why don’t you have it yet?
Got a computer, just give us call
Email with friends, family and all
Ever wonder..how many stars in the night sky?
Run a search with your browser, easy as pie
Wide variety of High Speed Internet solutions from Oregon Telephone
Installed just for you, right in your home!
Call us today! We are sure to have a HIGH SPEED INTERNET solution to fit your needs!

YTSLifeline Units are peace of mind for those living alone.
Help can be at your door in a jiffy- Our certified technician will install the unit in your home. The pendant can be worn around the neck, or on a wristband & is waterproof! A great way to retain your independence!

We co-produce the Grant & Harney County directory!
The directory is distributed July of each year, with updated listing and local information!