Belly Acres and Twisted Stitchery


97849 Coyote Trail Lane Mount Vernon, OR 97869

BellyAcres Twisted Stitchery, LLC  and Belly Acres Ranch is owned and operated by Steve and Samni Bell.

Welcome to BellyAcres Twisted Stitchery, a family owned business based in the beautiful hills of Eastern Oregon’s John Day Valley. Quilting is a passion, the love of cloth and sewing gorgeous fabrics, using quality quilting tools, and creating unique patterns are what we do. At out shop our goal is to provide you only with the best fabrics, supplies and tools at a reasonable price.

Teaching classes and sharing information through Quilt Guilds, homeschool students and the local communities has become a passion for us and has exceeded our expectations.

Our Longarming service strives to create quilting beauty on your unfinished quilts. We specialize in computerized and custom quilting as well as edge to edge (E2E). We strive to make your quilt everything you dreamed it would be. We listen to you and what you want and together we create a beautiful quilted treasure.

Peruse and shop with confidence, we look forward to serving you on our online store and in our studio, together we will create magic.