Long Creek


250 HARDISTY ST Long Creek Oregon

Long Creek welcomes YOU to life the way it ought to be…

We’re an easy-going community with 220 friendly residents, nestled in a high valley of the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon.

We’re a place where small town life still exists. Where kids can be kids, where people wave and say howdy to neighbors and visitors alike, where things don’t cost an arm and a leg, and we aren’t afraid to turn a stranger into a friend.

Long Creek, a picturesque, rural community where recreational opportunities and natural amenities abound, and there’s no such thing as rush hour.

At an elevation of 3,700 feet, we have four distinct seasons. Winter brings snowfall for skiing, snowmobiling, beautiful snowcapped mountains and an average temperature of 30 degrees. Spring time means lots of wild flowers, morel mushrooms, trout fishing and turkey hunting. Summers are mild and dry, with temperatures rarely above 90 degrees – perfect for hiking, camping, fishing, boating, swimming, horseback riding or just about anything in our great outdoors. It cools off some in the fall in time for deer and elk season, upland bird hunting, steelhead fishing, or just picking huckleberries.

Ranching, logging and natural resource based industries drive the local economy, but we’re also attractive to home-based enterprises, small businesses, telecommuters, retirees, families, and anyone looking for a simpler way of life.

Located right on Highway 395 in Grant County, we’re 40 miles north of John Day and 90 miles south of Pendleton. We’re secluded, yet still easily accessible to those who want to get away from the stress of crowds and to experience life the way it ought to be.

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