RFP for Branding/Logo and Usage Guidelines Requested

October 24, 2019 By

As a location, Grant County is a place people love to visit. Its brand should reflect the attributes of the place and resonate with our target audiences: tourists and the businesses and communities that benefit from tourist trade.
The Grant County Chamber of Commerce is seeking a graphics design/marketing contractor to develop a clear and succinct tourism brand, to design a logo for use in all marketing materials, and to craft a set of guidelines that will govern the approved uses and graphic presentation of the brand.
The guide will be our primary reference for developing all branded communication. Its principles should differentiate the Grant County brand and ensure cohesion between all of its offerings.

The challenge:
The Chamber’s past marketing efforts have largely focused on specific individual attributes – driving routes, starry nights, the 2017 eclipse – but without an overarching theme or symbol to brand the area. While we will continue to promote an array of tourism opportunities, we are seeking a logo and brand that will introduce all of our advertising and marketing in a cohesive way. We are not looking for a brand that uses the words “Grant County” “Chamber of Commerce” or “John Day” but a brief phrase or symbol that captures the spirit of this place and its people.

The Chamber seeks to roll out the new tourism brand in early 2020. This RFP is the first step toward that goal.

Your proposal:
Interested parties should submit a cost estimate for completing the following deliverables:
• A brand design, with proposed fonts, color and presentation options, including various and replicable formats.
• Upon board approval of the brand design, a detailed guide for how the brand should be used in advertising, social media, website.

In addition to the cost projection(s), the proposal should include:
• A description of how the designer/team would approach this work.
• Any pertinent information about the proponents’ qualifications and why they should be selected for this project.
• Links or PDFs for materials representative of past work.
• Contacts for two reference persons familiar with the proponent’s work.

Deadline for proposals: Nov. 22
Interested applicants should submit proposals to:
Grant County Chamber of Commerce
Marketing Committee
301 Main St.
John Day, OR 97845

For more information, contact the Grant County Chamber of Commerce at 541-575-0547.