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Armageddon Story: Reconnaissance (Volume One)

A mysterious streak of light cuts through the sky. Those it touches see the past and the future together. But the memory soon fades. The American military goes on high alert, but finds nothing. Yet off the coast of Alaska the sunset now appears to the north of its usual location.

A mother and her young daughter know the secret. A reprobate pastor in Colorado now has the fastest-growing church in America, a true designer religion. The pope with a dark secret entertains a vision that will forever change the world. But how can he accomplish it? The natural and supernatural worlds begin to mingle–then break apart.

The powerful South American drug lord, whose daughter has now married the Colorado pastor, believes his dream has been fulfilled with the marriage. Little does he know the cost that lies ahead.

Armageddon Story will not leave you behind–it takes you along as nothing ever has! As events and their reactions speed up, the young girl’s mother begins to fear for this admiral with his ghost carrier group in such an isolated part of the world. She knows she has fallen in love with him. But she worries…he has no idea what power technology has bequeathed to the world.

Or does he?