Solar Eclipse

So, you are planning your Solar Eclipse adventure and you are considering beautiful Grant County, Oregon as your Eclipse destination.

Well, there are a few things that you should know –

All of the communities in Grant County are in the Path of Totality.  Yes, ALL of them!

Almost all of our communities are making special plans to make your Eclipse viewing adventure very special and memorable.   The Grant County Eclipse Viewing Guide will be available in soon.  This guide will have information about what is being planned and where.  It will have information about our county, safety tips, logistical information, and much more.  Please visit this page often to see the new information that has been added.

Grant County is a remote area with limited resources.  We will do our very best to accommodate all of our Eclipse visitors, but planning for you is difficult because we don’t know how many of you are coming.  So, in preparing for your trip here you should consider bringing extra food, water and gasoline if at all possible.

If you are bringing an RV, please come with an empty holding tank and plan to dump it when you return home.  We are expecting many more RV’s than we have waste disposal sites to accommodate.

Cell service and the internet may not be available because of the increased numbers of users.

Highways 26 and 395 in Grant County were not built to accommodate the intense traffic that we will experience for the Eclipse.  So, plan your trip accordingly, expect possible delays due to increased traffic volumes.

All of our Motels, Bed and Breakfasts, and Vacation Rentals have been filled for some time.  There are private accommodations available.  A listing of them can be found below:

2017 Solar Eclipse Private Housing List 6-26

If you are interested in camping in the Malheur National Forest, here is some helpful information: Malheur NF Solar Eclipse Frontliner One Page Handout

Solar Eclipse One-Pager RO Overview


Solar Eclipse Private  Accommodations Listing Form:  2017 Eclipse Accommodation Form