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Before you do anything, please make sure that you're familiar with our upload rules explained below. That way you can save a lot of time and frustration for yourself and the site administrators.

First, you must be a GCOLive member to upload photos and be logged into your personal page. Please read the terms of use and join us FREE if you are not yet a member.

When selecting some of your pictures to upload to GCOLive, you should keep in mind that this is a global/public site, not a personal gallery, thus we look at your work a bit differently. We are looking for Oregon images that are creative, interesting and useful at the same time. Photos should should be large, sharp and properly lit. Good composition and good quality is a must. Graphics and illustrations should be original works made with original elements.

Minimum/Maximum Requirements:
- File format: JPEG (.jpg)
- Maximum file size: 1 megabyte (1024k)
- Maximum dimensions: 600x800 pixels
- Minimum dimensions: 400x300 pixels

Photos slightly larger than 600 pixels (say 800 or so) will be auto-resized by our programs. However, do not attempt to upload images that are 1024*768, or larger until you have resized them to more reasonable dimensions.

To-do list before uploading photos
At GCOLive our main focus is on quality, and to ensure the highest possible image quality please take the time to adjust your photos along the following guidelines. We reserve the right to reject pictures we don't find suitable for the site.
  1. Remove noise
    Some compact digital cameras produce heavy image noise, especially at high ISO settings. Make sure you take noise free photos or remove noise with software like Neat Image or Noise Ninja. Be careful with them though, they can also do a lot of damage.
  2. Adjust brightness and levels
    Please make sure your photos are properly lit, and that they are not over- or underexposed.
  3. Rotate the photo if necessary
    We will reject it if they are upside down or rotated in the wrong direction. Seriously.
  4. Adjust the compostion
    Get rid of distracting elements and unnecessary parts. Fix tilted horizontals and bad centering. Remove frames, texts, dates and watermarks.
  5. Remove copyrighted content
    GCOLive does not allow photos that contain logos and trademarks (apart from a few images where it can't be avoided). Before uploading please edit these out from your photos.
Do not upload
  1. - photos with any text, timestamp or watermark
  2. - photos with frames
  3. - photos containing copyrighted material (paintings, sculptures, graffities, posters, advertisements, cd / book / dvd covers, logos)
  4. - adult / violent content
  5. - photos with excessive blur, noise or bad JPEG quality
  6. - photos that are too dark or badly lit
  7. - photos rotated into the wrong direction
  8. - photos where the subject is too small or barely visible
  9. - graphics made with brushes / vectors / objects that weren't created by you or you don't have permission to use
Topics we are always looking for
People, business, contemporary life scenes, isolated objects, seasonal images... We want a LOT of these! Keep 'em coming! For more ideas, browse through the galleries!

Topics we are not so keen on
Sunsets, pets... If you think you can provide better shots than the ones we have online, upload them, but remember: we're very picky about these. Also, please do not upload personal photos of your home, your last vacation and other similar topics. Thank you!

Taking a wonderful photo is one thing, making sure people will find it is a whole different story. To gain maximum exposure for your work and to maintain site standards at the same time, here are some guidelines on describing images.

Title: Titles are very short descriptions of what's actually visible on the image. They should be as short and as accurate as possible. Try avoiding artistic titles as they often include words that are unrelated to the real subject of the image.

Description: You can go into more detail about the subject here. Ideally the description should be one or two sentences long but we leave this up to you.

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